Welcome to Rosenoire

We truly believe that freedom is the highest human value
and people from all over the world, regardless of what they look like, regardless of the world they come
from, regardless of the religion that they are born into, deserve to be free.


Pardon our French name. Our website name, of course, means the black rose. As you can tell by our choice of moniker, this is an anarchy journal.

It is our contention and belief that when you are free, you are truly living. If people allow themselves to be enslaved on some level or other by superstition, oppressive political structures, ripped off economic engagements, dehumanizing sexual politics, and other artificial barriers, you are not really living life. You are just going through the motions.

This anarchy journal is a collection of art, poetry, political action, you name it. We truly believe in a multi-disciplinary approach to an honest discussion of the place or real freedom in our modern world.

We truly believe that freedom is the answer.

Now, please understand that freedom may look ugly because when you have freedom, you obviously have responsibilities. Just as you can choose to do the right things, you are also free to screw your life up. It happens all the time.

We strongly believe that when you screw up or when you drop the ball in some form or other, you really have nobody to blame except yourself. The opportunity to succeed is accompanied by the opportunity to fail. Unfortunately, with life, being the way it is, we don’t always succeed. We don’t always achieve the kind of life we have otherwise dreamed for ourselves.

It is in this context of freedom, responsibility, and consequences that rosenoire.org tries to make an impact. We truly believe that real anarchy is the solution to human interactions because whenever you have an artificial control system that creates mental prisons and invisible walls of limitations and fake parameters, you oppress people.

Who is to say that all human beings should not be homosexual? Who is to say that all human beings should not be transgender? Do you get my point? There are a lot of invisible walls people subscribe to, which really limits their full human potential. We really find this as a travesty. This really is a shame. And we have all these people living their lives in varying degrees of oppressed mental states. Either they feel embarrassed, ashamed, guilty, or regret.

Instead of fully celebrating and embracing what makes them fully human, they become half-human. They get consumed by their group identity. They buy into the whole idea of an in-group and out-group. Sooner or later, they will develop an us-versus-them mentality, which is, of course, the bedrock of all wars, conflicts, and forms of slavery.

If you think about it, if you truly believe that your brother is the same as yourself, you probably would not enslave your brother.  You probably would not pay your brother less money than your sibling is worth. You probably would treat others the way you want to be treated.

I hope have made my case because this is the essence of anarchy.  It cuts through the outer trappings and pretention and goes through the whole truth.  Do we treat people the way you want to be treated?


We truly believe that the world is the extension of the self. And if we become truly honest and take full responsibility for that extension, the world would become a better place. I have yet to see somebody who wants to put himself in the worst place. Everybody is out for themselves. Everybody is always asking the same, classic question: “What’s in it for me?”

Wouldn’t it be great if we turn that question into an engine of human development instead of constantly getting back to it as something that we should somehow, someway be embarrassed for or make apologies for? We have no problems with selfishness. And this is why this anarchy journal is dedicated to all forms of capitalism.

We truly believe that capitalism is the highest form of anarchy. Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “How can that be?” Capitalism, after all, involves sophisticated market structures. It involves some sort of exchange. How can anarchy fit in that larger framework?

The Curious Case of Socialism

Well, if you think about it, it’s the only thing that would fit because everything else involves rip-offs.  Seriously, when you look at socialism, wherein you are supposed to feel so bad for oppressed people that you would take other people’s hard-earned wealth only to give it to people who don’t deserve it and who didn’t work for it, you would realize that is the worst form of oppression because it involves the state.


The state picks winners and losers.  

There is no exchange mechanism. There is no voluntary transfer.  There is none of that. Instead, the state is some sort of self-appointed body of experts that somehow, someway got this authority.  

And guess what?  

It uses a tremendous amount of power, violence, and force to separate people from their hard-earned wealth just so other people, who may not be all that deserving, will get that wealth.  As Margaret Thatcher said, “Socialism only works until you ran out of other people’s money.”


Capitalism is the best expression of real freedom because it is based on voluntary exchange.  When somebody goes to the store and puts $5 on the counter to buy a bag of coffee beans, it’s because the person wants the value of a bag of coffee beans.  They are voluntarily giving $5 in exchange for the items they are buying.

Essence of Freedom

This is the essence of freedom.  Everything is voluntary. People are not being forced to buy one product over another.  People are not being tricked by monopolies, state control, and regulatory capture to engage in one type of behavior over another.  

Instead, it’s all about the individual’s right to determine what is valuable to him or her for them to trade their own personal valuables in the form of their labor.  This is the essence of freedom because it all boils down to choice. This is what we celebrate in this blog and we hope that you would join us in our journey because capitalist anarchy needs to spread.  We truly believe that this is this is the way forward.

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