The name of our website means black rose

It is a French name, but don’t let the fancy French philosophical overtones throw you off. We are actually non-national in the sense that we believe that people from all over the world can unite around one central human value, which is, of course, freedom.

Our Mantra
Market Analysis

We truly believe that voluntary exchange is the solution to everything that ails humanity.  We sincerely believe in this article of faith because we’ve seen it play out again and again and we know that this is real.  If you want a great example of a country that pulled itself up by its bootstraps from grinding poverty, you only need to look at places like Hong Kong.

Hong Kong used to be dirt poor.  They opened up their economy so that anybody could start their business there very easily.  They also did not tax people to death. They also allowed for free trade and very light regulations.

Free Market of Ideas

We truly believe that since human beings always ask “What’s in it for me, this is the rallying cry of people who want freedom from all four corners of the globe.  We truly believe this because when people get together to voluntarily exchange value, they are exercising freedom. They are also taking responsibility for their lives.

They are not looking for freebies.   They are not looking for others to take care of them without paying something in return.  They are not looking to trick people to give them something for nothing. They are not appealing to pity so that they can, somehow, get something for free.

Our Beliefs
Believing in Freedom

The essence of any kind of human problem is freedom.  It is not government regulation. It is not governance of a group of self-proclaimed experts.  The answer definitely cannot come from the monopolization of the state levers of knowledge creation, regulation, and behavioral control.

We truly believe that when people are free, a lot more things get creative.  A lot more risks are taken. When people are free, they become more responsible.  It really is one of the great paradoxes of our modern time, where the role the government has in supposedly ensuring that life is fair and that problems are taken care of, the more problems are created.

Lessons from Hong Kong

In other words, they created a perfect incubation chamber for full, unbridled human economic freedom.  What do you think happened? That’s right! Hong Kong now has a higher GDP than the United Kingdom. In fact, according to many human development indicators, Hong Kong is a much better place to live than the United Kingdom.

They were able to do this in just a span of a few decades.  And on top of all of this, Hong Kong has absolutely no natural resources.  We believe that the history and the story of Hong Kong to human beings all over the planet who are looking for new models of governments, as well as self-realization.

Our Mission
Debunking the Norms

The more miserable people become, the larger the stake gets.  If you need proof of this, just look at the story of socialism in Cuban and Venezuela.  Just look at the story of Stalin and the rise of the modern Soviet Empire.

It really is quite depressing because there is one golden thread uniting all these supposed utopian projects.  They are supposed to make people free. They are supposed to let people live up to their fullest potential, but the actual results are anything but free.  They are all about oppression, thought control, and making people as miserable as possible.