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You have to understand that the key to being rich has nothing to do with being good-looking. It has nothing to do with being naturally smart. It has nothing to do with being born with a wide-range of natural advantages.

Instead, the essence of becoming rich really boils down to value. If you are willing to give value to the lives of people who come to you to solve a particular problem, you will become rich. In other words, the more you take care of others based on a voluntary exchange, the more they take care of you by handing more and more dollars into your hand. Nobody forced them, mind you. There was no law forcing these people to deliver value to you. Instead, it is a voluntary response to your own set of voluntary actions. Value for value.

That was the case in the past, that is the case now, and this will probably continue long into the future because that is human nature. We don’t naturally dip into our pockets and whip out cash just because we feel like it. We definitely don’t do it just because we don’t have anything better to do. We do that when we come across somebody who gives us the value that we are looking for.

It’s a voluntary exchange. This really is the essence of freedom because when you get a lot of people to voluntarily hand you their money because you have somehow, someway given them value, you will become rich. And there is nothing to apologize for. It’s nothing to be embarrassed by because it is a great thing.

It really highlights your sense of responsibility and highlights your prudent use of your time and freedom. So, do yourself a big favor. If you like the resources that we share on this website do speak up and let us know. Share your impressions if you come across any kind of compelling resources that you think people should read.

Let us know because we view ourselves as a clearinghouse of everything and anything to topics involving human potential and freedom. As long as it involves some sort of voluntary exchange and maximizing human freedom, please let us know because we would like to get it in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

We truly believe that if a person frees his or her mind, his or her body will soon follow. Do us all a big favor. If you have any suggestions, speak up. If you have been clicking on the website and found some dead links or errors, we would like to know as well.

Welcome to rosenoire.org. You are definitely home if you truly believe in human freedom, human potential, and voluntary exchanges. Of whatever kind.