Why State Systems Fear Freedom

Why is it that large governments and entrenched government systems hate freedom? Now, don’t get me wrong. Places like that United States talk a big game about freedom. In fact, you only need to read the US Constitution and it’s talking about the concept of liberty. It’s as if people cannot repeat that word enough. They keep saying, “Freedom!”, “Liberty!”, “Freedom!”

But the problem is, as the old saying goes, “The Devil is in the details.” When you go to the United States and visit places like Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, or worse yet, Washington D.C., you would know full well and quickly realize that there is quite a bit of a disconnect between the public’s discourse about freedom and liberty and what actually takes place on the ground.

In fact, in certain parts of the United States, it’s illegal for children to sell lemonade. I know it sounds crazy because one of the most common rites of passage in mid-Western America is for a kid to take out a jar of lemonade and put up a sign that says “$1 per glass”. That is one of the rites of passage in a typical mid-Western American child but the state stepped in and said that this cannot be.

Why? Well, probably there is some sort of epidemic of kids selling tainted lemonade. People are getting Hepatitis B and other dreadful diseases. Obviously, this is not happening, but that is how this threat is being marketed to us. The state, needing a justification to keep the bureaucrats employed to keep the state bureaucracy as massive, intrusive, and invasive as it can be, needed to step in.

So not only does this involve crushing kids’ dreams and otherwise denying them a much-needed education in entrepreneurial management, it also is a slap in the face of the official religion of the United States. Seriously, there is no official religion in the United States in the formal sense, but when you look at what politicians talk about all the time, it has to be liberty.

This church of liberty is a strange bird indeed because it keeps talking about liberty all day, every day, but when you look at the actions of its clergy, you would quickly realize that you’re looking at one of the most hypocritical organizations on the planet.

Authorities talk a big game about freedom but at the same time, they force people to live by their set of rules when they themselves live on another set.

This really highlights the fact that states fear freedom. They bend over backward to create systems to restrict freedom. Many they would slice-and-dice it through time, place, and manner restrictions. Maybe they would craft some sort of intricate byzantine series of regulations.

Whatever the case may be, it is obvious that the state fears freedom because with freedom comes criticism. With criticism comes action. And when people rise up united to take action, the state and all its abuses would start looking very vulnerable.

You have to remember that the modern regulatory state in the United States was a product of the new deal. And the new deal was supposed to be a series of emergency measures taken by the government of Franklin Delano Roosevelt to handle the great depression. However, the same machinery is still there. The same bureaucracy is still there, and guess what; it’s getting bigger and bigger.

This is the reason why state systems hate freedom. I say that because with freedom comes smaller and smaller bureaucracy as people take full control over their lives. The more responsible you are over your life, the less government you need. This is precisely the thing that the system hates and fears.